Welcome friend,

I am glad you made it here. Either you were guided here by me, or you stumbled upon this site in search of stories from my travel. Regardless of the path taken, I welcome you to the stories from my expeditions. Welcome again! Khushaamdeed (that’s welcome in Urdu)

I am a 2nd generation Pakistani Canadian who recently discovered that travels are not merely exploring a new place, but an effective way to further discover yourself.
The corporate 9-5 work life, responsibilities either handed down by life or self-imposed leaves one with very little time to learn about self. However, the more I traveled the world, experienced new cultures and philosophies of life, the more my own character was becoming clear to me.
My trips were either simple vacations, spiritual travels or volunteering trips. Each experience has left me in awe of the people and the world I discover and definitely plethora of stories. One of my favourite quotes that sums up what I feel after each trip:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

I do not claim to be an avid traveler or a masterful storyteller, but I do promise to be sincere in sharing my travel stories. These are merely my stories based on my experiences during the trip. Maybe these could offer some guidance for your next adventure! So have fun and read away…

Name credit: I would like to thank my young friend, Yamna, for helping me her creativity in narrowing down the name of this blog. Thank you!!

Photo credit:  You will come across some stunning pictures used on this blog, these were the creative work of a very talented, inspiring and dear friend, Sameera. Her work can be seen on Instagram using the following handle – Sameera.Tay